A female Bornean orangutan living at Cologne Zoo in Germany has figured out how to make human-like calls in order to grab the attention of her keepers when she wants more food. Although orangutans are known to have highly diverse and unique vocalisations, Tilda produces two calls that are unknown among other orangutans. The first one involves her clicking her tongue to create a sound comparable to our pronunciation of voiceless consonants - as you can see in the video below, it's similar to the clicking used by the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert in Africa.


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  3. That is why orangutan is the most similar animal to the human beings.

  4. Wow! the orangutan is really clever and it is really amazing that it can click her tongue. I believe her keeper must contribute a lot to train her, right? anyway, the video is really great and vivid, she is very cute.

  5. Maybe the DNA of orangutan is similar to human being. As technology advances, more mysterious things of biology gonna be revealed.

  6. Phylogeny proves that monkey family is not directly involved in human evolution. Although, they have a similar gene which is comparable as that of "Home Sapiens". This orangutan proves such hypothesis.
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  7. Besides, each and every animal has their own communication system, this is interesting to know that orangutans can somewhat communicate like a human being.


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